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Fall Semester

July 23 Dept. Sponsored Hybrid

Aug. 9 Day Class T/Th 9:30a-5p

Nov. 5 Night Class T/Th 6p-10p alt Sat 9:30a-5p

*You must hold a current NREMT or TDSHS EMT certification to enroll


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EMTS Academy and St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center Paramedic Program Consortium is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

EMS Academy Graduates

Now What?

EMTS has compiled a few links to make the transition from student to certified EMT a little easier. They are listed in order of the steps you should take on your way to obtaining your State of Texas EMT Certification.

  1. Where do I check to see if I'm approved to take the NREMT exam or find my National Registry Number after I've passed the exam?    Click Here
  2. Where do I sign up for the Federal Background Check application? Enter the State Reference Number 11BSBH?    Click Here
  3. Where do I find the State of Texas application to become a State Certified EMT once I've passed my NREMT exam?   Click Here
  4. Where do I search to see if the State of Texas has approved me to be state certified before I receive my certification in the mail?   Click Here
  5. How many CE hours will I need to maintain my state certification once received? Click Here
  6. Need additional resources to help you pass the NREMT exam? Visit  You have purchased the EMT Study Tools package which contains NREMT practice quizzes and an exam.  Aim to score 70% or higher BEFORE attempting the NREMT exam.  Increase your chances of passing on the first attempt! Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I expect the NREMT site to show I'm approved to take the NREMT Exam?
    • Your approval is sent to NREMT within 48 hours after graduation.  NREMT will then process the approval 24-48 hours after receiving it.  Start checking the NREMT website 3 days after graduation by logging in and going to "Check Application Status".  When approved you will see "Print ATT Letter" once you have paid for the exam and your approval has been processed.  When you see ""Print ATT Letter', please click the link and follow the instructions to schedule your appointment with Pearson.
  2. After I take my exam, when can I expect to hear whether or not I passed?
    • You should receive an email from NREMT the following day.  It is recommended that you do not schedule your exam on a Friday as this may delay when you learn of your pass/fail status.  That makes for a very long weekend!  Should you not hear back within 24 hours, log on to the NREMT website and look below your name on the upper left of the screen.  If you see a number beneath your name that starts with B, you have passed and this is your national registry ID.  Otherwise, keep your eye out for the email notification.
  3. What happens if I don't pass the NREMT exam?
    • You will have 2 more opportunities to pass the exam before being required to sit through a remediation course.  At this point, EMTS recommends you first look at the areas you didn't score well on and focus your studying on those areas.  Get together with classmates to study scenarios.  Contact EMTS for help!
  4. What information is needed to apply for my state certification with TDSHS?
    • You will need your TDSHS Number, found on your course completion certificate, your NREMT ID number, and you will have needed to completed your Fast Pass Background check.
  5. Can I get my Fast Pass Background Check done before I take my test?
    • Yes, you can.  The state will receive it electronically and start a file on you in preparation to receive your application.
  6. Will I get a copy of my Fast Pass Background Check?
    • No.  The only copy is sent to the state health department.

Note about the NREMT.

Remember, the questions will range in difficulty.  There will be questions asked up to the paramedic level to test your knowledge range.  You may feel as though you do not have enough knowledge to complete the exam successfully.  This is not the case.   You have been fully prepared to pass.  Study your scenarios and remember your ABC's!