Paramedic Academy

Next Paramedic Course:

November 14 2015 Evenings T/Th 6:00p-10:00p & few Saturdays 9:30a-5:00p

If you did not complete your AEMT course through EMTS Academy, or if your course ended more than 12 months prior to the start of the paramedic course, you must pass the NRAEMT exam prior to enrolling, or hold a current NRAEMT certification.

Next Advanced EMT Course:

October 10 2015 Evenings M/W 6:00p-10:00p & alternating Sat. 9:30a-5:00p

This course must be taken prior to enrolling in the November 2016 Paramedic course or you must hold a current NRAEMT certification.

Recertification, Refresher and Remedial Classes

Will your NREMT expire on March 31, 2016?  You need a recertification class that meet the CEU requirements.


Are you ready for the Transition?  Take the TDSHS Approved Transition Course online with for $75, regardless of EMS level.

FR to EMR: Complete by 9/30/15 if your last recertification was on 9/30/11

FR to EMR: Complete by 9/30/16 if your last recertification was on 9/30/12

EMT-B to EMT, EMT-I to AEMT, or EMT-P to Paramedic: Complete by 3/31/16 if your last recert was on 3/31/12

What items are required to register?

Before registering for a course at EMTS Academy, please review the items required to register and EMS course FAQs.  Registration deadlines are listed on the right. You must submit your registration form before the deadline of the course you intend to take. Questions? Contact us at 512-255-EMTS (3687) Please dial the area code even if you are in Austin.

Welcome to EMTS

EMTS Academy Updates:

  • Fall 2015 Advanced EMT and Paramedic Registration is open
  • Spring 2016 EMT Registration is open
  • Now also offering Day classes for AEMT and Paramedic

  • EMTS Academy is located within Texas State University's Round Rock Campus

  • Administration office hours are Mon-Fri 9am until 5pm in office 401
  • EMTS Academy is a CoAEMSP LOR for Accreditation Recipient in EMS Education


EMTS Academy Graduates Work


EMTS Academy graduates are employed at Williamson County EMS, Austin/Travis County EMS, St. David's Hospitals, Seton Hospitals, Scott & White Hospital, Austin Fire Department, Round Rock Fire Department, Travis County ESDs, Georgetown Fire Department, Hutto Fire Department, a variety private ambulance companies and many others.


EMTS Academy's NREMT and Course Pass Rates are Very High


Finding a great balance between how many students can pass our course and pass the NREMT was challenging, but we've done it.  On average 22 out of 25 students will pass their course and 94% of those will pass the NREMT Exam.  These numbers are very important when choosing a school to begin your EMS education.


EMTS Academy's Reputation is Solid


Over the last 15 years EMTS Academy has built a solid reputation in the EMS community.  Our instructors are Paramedics who work full time at Williamson County EMS, Austin EMS, and Round Rock Fire Department.  We're known for producing quality EMTs and Paramedics while caring about each and every student along the way.  Even with 167 EMS student this semester, you'll still know you matter.


Every Paramedic Program in Texas must be accredited or Receive an LOR for Accreditation by Jan. 1, 2013


EMTS Academy has done just that.  NREMT is promoting a high educational standard across the nation to ensure the curriculum delivered is consistent and the quality of patient care improves overall.  EMTS Academy has met the challenge.  We are successful in exceeding these new standards, improving the quality of EMS and patient care in the process.










EMTS Academy 1555 University Blvd., Round Rock, TX 78665-8017